HDGAS latest news

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ATS design for natural gas based engines

Catalytic AfterTreatment Systems (ATS) were designed by Dinex Ecocat for three development engines operating partially or fully on natural gas (NG). The engines were operating stoichiometric (FPT), lean (Ricardo) and... Read more


Accelerated ageing testing on HDGAS dual-fuel aftertreatment hardware

In the HDGAS project a dual fuel HD engine is being developed that combines diesel and liquefied natural gas. Part of this effort is the development and demonstration of the... Read more

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SAG delivers prototype tank systems with pumps

SAG has delivered tank systems with internally approved functionality to two different project partners: MAN received a tank system with low pressure pump Iveco received a tank system with medium... Read more

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Press Release – NGVA Europe published new study that validates natural gas as key solution for transport decarbonisation

The study “Greenhouse gas intensity of natural gas” shows that natural gas reduces GHG emissions from passenger cars on a Well-to-Wheel (WtW) basis by 23% compared with petrol and by... Read more

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Design of an advanced spark-ignition engine for LNG operation

Natural Gas (NG) has been considered a viable alternative to diesel fuel in HD applications for the past twenty years. Its advantages are mainly related to lower emission levels of... Read more

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HDGAS’s first publication regarding Lean Burn Natural Aftertreatment Systems

The Horizon 2020 EU funded HDGAS project, which focusses on advancing Natural Gas technology for HD applications, has published its first document regarding lean burn aftertreatment systems for natural gas... Read more


NGVA Europe LNG Connector Workshop

One of the aims of HDGAS is the definition of a new design for a LNG refueling connector consisting of a fueling nozzle and a fueling receptacle. In respect to... Read more


Performance evaluation Dual Fuel trucks available on the market

With the objective to get comparative technical information about performance and emissions of dual fuel trucks available in the market in 2013, it was tested with a Mercedes Benz Actros (with... Read more


MPI low pressure Dual Fuel functional operation with a new open engine management system

On the preliminary results of Development of MPI low pressure Dual-Fuel engine, the Master-Slave Dual-Fuel approach was replaced by a new engine management system which operates both Diesel and Gas... Read more


Development of aftertreatment strategy for NG fueled vehicle is a joint process: Catalyst researcher’s aspect

One of the main goals in the field of transportation is reduction of exhaust gas emissions, and commonly the reduction focuses on CO2 emissions. Natural gas (NG) itself, and, its... Read more